Event-Crew Australia Etiquette for hosts/hostesses

1. Basics

  • Smile, smile and smile!
    Always be polite with everyone, including guests, co-workers, managers.

  • Keep your environment clean and tidy at all times, including the staffrooms and your desk. Do not leave your rubbish around

  • Use of your mobile phone is not permitted during your shifts unless it is requirement in order to do your tasks (only if you have been directed by your manager)

  • Do not gather and talk to other hosts/hostesses during your shifts. You have to stay at the location where you are assigned to, even if there is no one around or nothing is happening

  • You cannot leave your assigned location without permission. You can ask permission from Event-Crew Australia supervisors or from Timea Ridly managing director.

  • The coffee- and lunch breaks will be allocated by Event-Crew Australia supervisors or Timea Ridly managing director. You are not allowed to go for a break/leave your position unless you have been asked to.

  • Eating and drinking is only allowed during your coffee and lunch breaks, in the staff room, outside the building or somewhere away from guests and clients. Visitors/guests/clients cannot see you having your lunch or coffee or drinks.

  • Smoking is only allowed outside the building, and make sure that visitors, guests, management don’t see you

2. Outfit for hostesses

  • Hair

    Long hair has to be put in a doughnut bun like shown below and use a nylon hair bun maker:
    Note: Your hair must be done before you arrive. If you are having troubles creating the bun, please have a look at a Youtube tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX9kln-kE_0

  • Uniform

    Uniform, provided by Event-Crew Australia, must be worn during your shifts. We will inform you in advance and specify those accessories that you must bring for your shifts ( like black shoes or nude colour tights ) Wearing a long-sleeve low-cut T-shirt underneath your uniform is essential and strictly required due to hygienic reasons. Please do not use singlets, sleeveless shirts, etc. Every uniform jacket and skirt has a code inside. That is always your responsibility to remember the code of your uniform that you get at your first shift and wear during the whole event. Please keep your uniforms neat, clean and tidy at all times. After your shift hang your uniform on a cloth hanger neatly to avoid creasing. Put your uniform back on the rack. Please note: you will be charged for all the impairment on the uniform.

  • Piercing

    If you have visible piercings you need to remove them for the duration of your shifts.

  • Manicure

    wash your hands regularly and have proper manicure applied on your nails. No chipped nail polish, no vibrant or
    fluoro colours, please

  • Shoes

    High heel shoes are not recommended because you will have to stand or walk for several hours. We expect you to wear confortable, black, business like shoes with skin coloured stockings, no thongs, sandals, sport shoes allowed.

  • Proper Event-Crew look

    Hair in a bun, Light and natural make-up, Long- sleeve shirt under the uniform, Skin coloured stockings, Black business-like shoes

3. Outfit for hosts

  • Grooming

    Shaved or nicely trimmed beard, tidy hair and trimmed nails are required.

  • Uniform

    you need to wear your own dark suit unless different uniform required. Only the tie provided by Event-Crew Australia.

  • Piercing

    If you have visible piercings you need to remove them for the duration of your shifts.

  • Shoes

    You need to wear black business shoes with black socks.

  • Proper Event-Crew look

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