Our hosts represent your company. That is why Event-Crew understands the importance of the hosts’ styling.

We can offer you diversity in choice when it comes to uniform outfits, but also specific requirements are no problem to Event-Crew. We can put your company logo on scarves and our hosts can wear your clothes and shoes to be in keeping with your business brand. Event-Crew has the required skills to take care of with these options.

We dress our hostesses for free according to the client’s wishes and to the nature of the event; currently we can offer the biggest range of outfits on the market. We choose outfits in consultation with our client in order to suit the branding or the event.

Special Requests

If you have any special requests concerning the outfit, do not hesitate to contact us. We are experienced in providing historical and carnival costumes, producing
promotional clothing and many other unconventional clothes and accessories.

Event-Crew Magenta Dress
Event-Crew Black Dress
Event-Crew Royal Blue Suit
Event-Crew Black Dress 2
Event-Crew Magenta Shirt
Event-Crew Suit & Tie
Event-Crew Orange Suit
Event-Crew Black Suit

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